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We stock high quality used spare parts for the whole Mercedes-Benz Vito range

With nationwide fast shipping, we’re the next best thing to your ‘Mercedes-Benz Vito wreckers near me’

Looking for   Mercedes-Benz Vito parts ? Can’t find the right ones at your local Mercedes Vito wreckers?

Then contact us on (03) 8770 2265. For decades now we’ve been supplying high quality spare parts for the Mercedes-Benz Vito and express shipping them to all corners of Australia.

Typically we dispatch your order within 24 hours of receiving payment, which means that we’re as good as on your doorstep, wherever you happen to live in this big land of ours.

So instead of googling ‘Mercedes Vito wreckers Sydney’ or Mercedes Vito wreckers Brisbane’ or ‘Vito van wreckers Perth’, either head straight to our website, or call a member of our friendly and experienced sales team on the number above.

They’ll find you the best price and can provide you with plenty of advice to help you make the right purchase decision when buying   spare parts   for your Vito.

Whether you need an engine or a gearbox or a door handle for a Vito, we should have them in stock

Hassle-free six-month warranty

As well as having a huge selection of quality used Mercedes-Benz Vito auto parts in stock, we’re also proud of our fuss-free six-month warranty*.

Unsurprisingly, there are some terms and conditions, but the basic thrust of our warranty policies is that if you play fair with us, we’ll play fair with you; we’ll do our best to work through the issue quickly, so you can get your Vito back on the road again.

That we’re confident to offer such a generous warranty stems from the fact that we buy in only the best quality Mercedes-Benz Vito wrecks, which means the parts that we pull off them are also in great condition.

Furthermore, we test all the major components –   engines ,   gearboxes ,   diffs ,   etc   – to ensure they work the way they should, before they’re ready to be put up for sale.

Make us your first choice for Mercedes-Benz Vito parts

Our stock of Mercedes-Benz Vito parts includes everything from engines to aftermarket accessories

You need to fix a Mercedes Vito in a hurry, so clearly the first thing you’re likely to do is google ‘Mercedes-Benz Vito wreckers near me’.

But we’ve got a better idea – make checking vitospares.com the first thing you do.

Our huge selection of high quality used parts for the Mercedes-Benz Vito range is unrivalled, and because of our long relationship with some of the best express freight specialists in Australia, we can have those parts delivered to your workshop door in not time at all.

Not only can we swiftly deliver high quality used parts for the Mercedes-Benz Vito you’re working on, but because our team is massively experienced in all the different versions of this popular van, we can help advise you to make the right purchase decision.

We’re also experts in other Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles – especially the Sprinter (visit sprinterspares.com) – so if you need some answers, give us a try.

So instead of typing ‘Mercedes-Benz Vito wreckers Adelaide’ or Mercedes-Benz Vito wreckers Cairns’ into your favourite search engine, think of making us your first port of call.

We’ve got the choice, we’ve got the experience, we’ve got the quality and the warranty, and we have a solid reputation as the best Mercedes-Benz Vito wreckers in Australia. Contact us now on (03) 8770 2265.

Wrecking Now – the place to find our very latest high quality Mercedes-Benz Vito wrecks

Regularly check our Wrecking Now section for the latest Mercedes-Benz Vito arrivals

While we keep an excellent stock of Mercedes-Benz Vito spare parts on the shelves of our Melbourne wreckers yard, demand is so strong that our inventory is forever changing.

Which means we’re frequently buying in fresh high quality Mercedes-Benz Vito wrecks from which we remove high quality used parts.

When a new Mercedes-Benz Vito wreck arrives on the premises we video it and photograph it, then immediately upload the images to our   Wrecking Now   page.

Wrecking Now   is the best place for you stay up-to-date with our latest Vito arrivals, before we get around to cataloguing their parts and updating our inventory on our website and eBay store.

Because the Mercedes-Benz Vito is such a popular van, some of the parts we remove from these new arrivals go straight back out the door again to our customers.

So our advice is to pay regular visits to our Wrecking Now page, and when a Mercedes-Benz Vito pops up and you think that there may be some spare parts that you need, get straight on the phone to our sales team to enquire – (03) 8770 2265.

Express shipping puts us on your doorstep for Mercedes-Benz Vito parts

When you’re ready to buy top quality Mercedes Vito spares, you know where to shop

We’re based in Melbourne: a lot of our customers aren’t. But that’s no big deal.

We have a superb relationship with some of the best express courier companies in Australia, who can deliver to business premises or a private address anywhere around the country.

And our aim is to dispatch your Mercedes-Benz Vito   parts   within 24 hours of receiving payment for your order.

So although you might live in Sydney or Canberra, Perth or Darwin, Adelaide or Alice Springs, we’ll rush your Mercedes Vito spare parts to your door – whether it’s an engine or a gearbox, diff or a door panel that you’re after – as if we were just around the corner.

Give us a call on (03) 8870 2265 to discuss your shipping options – our knowledgeable sales team is hugely experienced in supplying high quality used Mercedes Vito parts to customers who are often thousands of kilometres away.

Mercedes Vito wreckers Victoria

If you live near Melbourne you’re welcome to visit our headquarters in Seaford

While we regularly ship   high quality used spare parts   for the Mercedes-Benz Vito range all around Australia from our Melbourne headquarters, we’re also proud to service our local customers right across Victoria.

Our Mercedes-Benz Vito parts are a great price, good quality, have a six-month warranty, and should be dispatched within 24 hours of receiving payment for your order.

And we’d be delighted to supply you parts over the counter at our Melbourne wrecking facility – you’ll find us at 7/40 Brunel Road, Seaford, Victoria 3918. We’re open 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and we’ll be happy to see you.